Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Trying to catch up to real time with this blog. It doesn't take long, but it does take me sitting down and getting it out. Sometimes that is harder than it should be. OK. Here goes...
Played Warmachine with Peter last Monday and Tuesday. He ran dwarves against my Khador. I thought it was going to be a toe to toe slugfest. Turns out the dwarves can be rather shooty. He took a shooty army on Monday and just plain outplayed me. On Tuesday I tried some new units; namely the Iron Fang Pikemen. They just plain rock. They are my new favorite unit. My widowmakers owned the field as well. My next game I will be in a much better position to use my forces.. I am excited!
Played Through the Ages on Friday, and won that game. Then we played La Havre and.. well... I like the game a lot, but it is long and a bit unforgiving. On Saturday we played Chaos in the Old World. It is a lot of fun and each faction truly is different. I am looking forward to playing Horus Heresy, that is the next game on the list. Hopefully this will happen on Saturday.
Now that I am caught up, I can begin to post a bit more in depth again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Steve and I played our third game of Warmachine last Wed. May 5.  It was a 35 point game.  I was sure of the outcome, but only because I am still learning how to use my army in the best ways possible.  Steve's army consisted of Skarre and an assorted group of units and models that had so much stuff on them it made my head hurt.  What can you do when you can't target a model, can't damage a model, and have the weight of a deathjack breathing down your neck?

I have decided to set mini goals for my games.  My goal for this one was to see how my Assault Kommandos worked and to see what would happen if I changed up my jacks a bit.  I actually learned more about jacks than the Kommandos, but only from watching how my own got wrecked by a combination of solo work and the Deathjack.    I got quite frustrated because the things I thought I could do never worked out.  Most of the time I just had an incomplete understanding of the rules.  I feel a lot more solid on that point, now.

After the game, we posted on the Privateer Press forums to get some ideas for fighting Khador vs. Cryx.  I have to say, that forum is fantastic.  Lots of great ideas and very helpful gamers.  privateer press forums.  Also, Steve should have a writeup of the battle with much more detail.  Steve's Blog.  The pictures below capture the grandeur of my defeat.  I remain restrained in my discouragement.  There is always next time.