Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Training Is Almost Complete

OK.  I have got to be the most transparent, obvious, predictable person I know.  Once again, we start our Monpoc game by choosing monsters from the same faction.  Or to be more accurate, Steve chooses the one monster that is the perfect foil to my monster.  He does it all the time.  I thought and thought all day about how to be unpredictable, take a chance, try a monster I lost with, etc.  So I bring Muscustos to the table and he brings Mantacon.  Well, to be sure this would be a quick and painful ending for me.  So he graciously decides to change his monster to Drillcon-Vorionnic.  Let the games begin!

At first, I thought I would have a decent chance to hold my own.  I took a chance on a few risky moves that didn't pay out at all.  My only saving grace was that Steve didn't have much of an opportunity to exploit my weakness.  He did take out my Alpha form quite quickly, but I did not get discouraged.  I pressed on!

At one point, there was an opening to smash him across the board and deal some pretty hefty damage.  I did so.  From that point on, I just had to keep my distance and mucus-tize him.  Ultra-Muscustos is a very effective shooter.  So the victory was mine!

What's worse than a beat up subterranean?  A mucus covered beat up subterranean!

  I keep learning a lot from watching Steve beat me up every game.   He is one of the best miniatures gamers I know.  It was a very close game.  The best I have played so far.  I think I am becoming a better challenge.  That is a lot more satisfying for me than winning!  But winning is cool too.

The Showdown




Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons Terrain

I have always loved dioramas.  In the Smithsonian, I could stare for hours at all the little vignettes that showed life in the past.  When I began planning for a D and D campaign, I knew I wanted to have 3D terrain.  There are many companies that sell them, but they are all so expensive, so I decided to use paper based terrain and I discovered a new hobby.
I love making the battle scenes we will fight over.  Thinking of how to use the land to favor the monster's tactical decisions.  I find that I am pretty good at making it, too.  That's a bonus!  So the progress bar, (thanks Steve) is for keeping track of the terrain for the latest dungeon crawl I am preparing for our D and D gaming group.


Too Good To Last

OK.  I got beat.  To be fair, I got my a** whooped.  Steve used Mogroth and I used Grindix-Birvikaan.  I was totally unprepared for the cheese whiz that came out to decimate my monster and units.  You can't even target Mogroth with units as long as he has a unit next to him.  Grinidix has some real strengths, just not with the units I brought to play.  Oh well, next time......

Friday, November 13, 2009


OK!  It has been a long time since I have updated this blog.  I have been "ahem" encouraged to update it.  More like shamed into it.  If I am gonna make a blog about being a loser, then I will be damned if I will let the likes of Boisterous Enthusiasm run away with that blog while mine languishes into obscurity.  Right now I am on vacation, so it seems a good time to try to catch up with all the things that have been going on in my gaming world.  I also want to post some D and D musings because I am really excited about the new system after trying it out with a few friends.  So over the next day or so, I will be posting several new topics.

Here is to a new start!