Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 2 - First three games

We just finshed our first round of gaming. We started with Combat Commander. I was the Russians and Steve was the Germans. it was a very close battle. Steve won with 2 victory points. We are going to play some of the Stalingrad campaigns this weekend, so this was a relearning of the game. I am really excited to revisit this game because it has some really cool elements that I am finally getting the hang of. It pissed us both off at different times, but we had fun.
Next up was an Ameritrash game from Zman games called Earth Reborn. It has tons of bits and some cool mechanics. We played the first scenario twice switching sides. Steve was not as enamored with the game as I was. He felt parts were a bit gimmicky, especially the activation chits. I really liked it. We both won as the Salemites. That may be due to the fact we didn't know what we were doing, or it may be the scenario is not balanced, but I hardly think it fair to judge based on only two plays.
We have stopped for lunch. It is 4:52 and people are beginning to roll in. Looking forward to some more games after a delicious salad. Yeah, even gamers need to watch what they sludge up their arteries with.

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Wed. 2/23. 7:55

Settled in at the con. Our first game up is Conflict of Heroes:Price of Honour. I am taking the side of the Polish. Steve is the Wehrmacht. This is a newish game for me. I played this once last year and I had a good time learning the system. This is the newest expansion. The scenario starts with the Germans entrenched and the Poles arriving on the edge of the board. I began by assaulting the German main line and trying to wear him down, meanwhile advancing to one of the two far objective points. The game lasted 5 turns. At the end, the one with the most victory points was the winner.
It looked good for me at the beginning. I did some decent damage and was moving into the board. In the middle, the tide turned and I was flat-footed with most of my troops. When Steve brought his big armored car on, I thought for sure it was over. But in the end, I won. It was very close. See Steve's blog for a more complete description. He is better at the play by play than I am. But it was a really fun game.
Next we played Dust Tactics. Steve was the Americans and I played the Germans. I will do a full review of DT in the near future when I get a few more plays under my belt. Steve totally demolished me in the third scenario. I was totally unprepared for the ass whooping I received. Tomorrow promises to be more adventurous with some brand new games like Earth Reborn and possibly Fortress America.
Pictures of the games will be posted tomorrow sometime.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Ready For Prezcon

Well, the packing is almost done. Prezcon is finally here and I am looking forward to getting to the con. I think I have everything. Let me see....
Got my games. Check.
Got my clothes. Check.
Computer. Check.
Deodorant. Check. (It seems gamers have an aversion to deodorant.)
Kilt. Check. ;) Just in case I meet a sexy gamer!
Seriously, the games I will be bringing are:
Dust Tactics, Triumph of Chaos, Earth Reborn, Command and Colors Ancients, Asia Engulfed, Warhammer Invasion, Imperium (old version), Space Hulk, Twilight Struggle, Space Alert, Battles of Westeros, Manoeuvre, Fortress America, Incursion, Tanhauser, and The Republic of Rome. Whew, it is quite a list. Steve is bringing the other half of the games with just as many titles. We will have our work cut out for us. We won't get to play everything, but we will make a dent in what we bring. The goal is, as my buddy so eloquently put it, is "To play these babies!" So I will keep the blog updated as to our progress and the count. I've been told I will lose a lot of games. That is not how I see it! Here's to the week!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Title Chosen

The new title of my blog will be.... From the Front Line!
I was just sitting here and moping about everything and the blog name came to me in a half dream.  I wasn't even thinking about it.  It just popped in my head in a moment of perspiration, or inspiration, take your pick.  I am pretty excited about this change because it is a title that can incorporate all my various musings on games I like to play.  This week will kick off with my daily posting from Prezcon.  I will endeavor to keep up to date with the different games I play and how things are going.  I can upload pictures and stuff using my new ipad.  We will see how it goes.  So.... Here it is...

From The Front Line