Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Match- WTF did I actually win?

                    Zor Magna                                      Xaxor

We had our match tonight.  Zor Magna vs. Xaxor.  To be perfectly honest, I was nervous from the get go.  My opponent, hereafter referred to as Steve,  has an uncanny knack for knowing my every move and thought.  He could tell what I was going to do before even I knew it.  Either I am very transparent or I have no variation on my style.  I would guess the latter. 
The game started off well, with both of us jockeying for position on the board.  About half way through, we discovered a rule that I know I was not playing correctly, namely that between a push (a type of move) or a regular movement, the monster must end in a legitimate space.  OK so now I was even more nervous.  I was very happy with my unit play, as that was what I was mostly trying to figure out.  It was a long but well thought out game.  The clinch came when Steve let me take back a move that allowed me to put the hurt on his monster.  I don't call it a victory when my opponent is severely affected by my do over.  I am the only person I know who feels guilty when he wins because of a takeback.  Besides, what would I have to blog about if I actually won a game on my own merits of play?  I remain..... the one who loses.

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