Thursday, April 22, 2010

War Machine - Cryx vs. Khador

It is an interesting thing, playing miniatures games. In a board game, there are more boundaries, more ways to constrain the play. You know pretty much what to expect and what the choices are. You can predict what your opponent will do, even if only in the broadest sense.
In a miniatures game, the boundaries are there, but they become transparent, because of the myriad of choices you have. It can be an overwhelming thing. That was my experience playing my first non-learning game of war machine. I call it non-learning, although Steve did help me with some strategic pointers early in the game. It was much appreciated, because I was all of the sudden feeling totally overwhelmed and there seemed to be no choice that was optimal.

The Cryx

3 Nightwretch
2 Pistol Wraiths
min Bane Thralls


Kommander Strakhov
War dog
Battle Mechaniks (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Koldun Lord

We advanced toward each other slowly...cautiously
On turn 2 I felt a little pinned in by all the evil around me. I cautiously moved forward. Then on turn three after an attack against Beast 09, I cast superiority on 09 and overrun. This in effect allowed 09 to charge 13" into Asphyxious. He was my hammer. Alas, there was no anvil. I did hurt Gaspy, but after that it was in doubt if I could seal the deal. Asphyxious destroyed 09, which was an acceptable loss considering the amount damage I did. The very next turn, I should have cast the exact same two spells on my Devastator, but I forgot, and a failed charge into his Bane Thralls ended my bid for a win.
All in all I was ecstatic with my performance. I thought I did a good job of managing my forces. I came up with a possible game winning move on my own, which is nothing short of miraculous. Most of all, I had the best experience with a miniatures game of my life. I was feeling the dread and despair, and then the rush of possibilities, which is why we play, isn't it?
Great Game!


  1. It sounds like you're really picking up on the nuances of Warmachine more and more each game. I'm really looking forward to giving it a go now that I've ordered the rulebook.

  2. I was quite surprised when that happened myself man! That's pretty scary. Now I have more warning :).

    I think I won... but it DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY was close. One or two different things, that game could've gone VERy differently!

  3. Pete W. - Yeah, I am getting the hang of things much better now that I have had a few games. There is a lot of synergy with the factions, and it is hard to piece it together unless you have played with it a little.

    Asmo- The most important thing I learned from our game is to make sure you have a follow through with each action. Also, I have a better understanding of the "plan".

  4. Or to make sure your action will get the job done! One extra turn of planning would've seen me dead, after all ;).