Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warmachine (New Minis)

I have been on a buying kick these last two weeks.  For some reason, I have wanted to put together a full fledged, no proxy, army.  I finally got Strakhov and the guard dog primed and ready for painting.  I have cleaned and assembled my Iron Fang Pikemen as well as my Assault Kommandos.  I got the Great Bears ready and my new caster, The Butcher.  I also got one of the plastic jacks kit that lets you make three types of jacks.  I bought magnets so I can swap out the arms, and weapons, etc.  This is the coolest project I have started.  The real challenge is finding someone to play.  Everyone seems real busy with life in general that everyone wants to play but nobody will commit to a time to play.  My glorious force of the motherland may never see the light of day.  Ahh well.

On a fun note, I have joined a competition about playing.

see the bottom of the post

Pics if I can get all my stuff together this weekend


  1. Hey Rob, sounds like fun.

    If our dogs did not have constant vet needs, or were not chewing up random things, I would be on a warmachine buying kick as well. I completely understand the desire to have a non-proxied force of cool miniatures.

    Sounds like you have a nice force coming. How are the iron fangs for assembly? I know some people go the route of replacing the spear shafts with brass rod, are they that bendy?

    I need to pick up enough models for at least a 15pt Menoth force to go with my Harbinger and I'd like to get 15pts of Cygnar too. After those are done, I'll see about expanding and maybe getting into Khador.

    Good to hear you're in the competition. Sometimes it's the best way to get motivation.


  2. There's always the option of playing random people, as well. Most of us are busy, we don't have settled down lives yet, ya know!

    And hopefully the competition gets you moving on these things! We need to get this stuff done!

  3. Pete- the piles are wicked bendy, but that is no big thing. They do look cool, though.
    Asmo- I know times r busy, but I don't know how much more settled Peter or Jerry could get. Def tried the random thing on three different Sundays, but no one was playing, sadly. That is not my style anyway, as you know. I am pretty shy by myself.

  4. That's good to know Rob if I do get some IF pikemen in the future. I might go the route of brass rods as I have a terrible habit of bending models due to my lack of proper transport options.

    Randon gaming is a challenge I know. While it's not the shortest of trips, if you ever want to come out to Frederick, Md then let me know as there is a good gaming store and club here who would be able to play games.

  5. Thanks Pete, that sounds like it would be very cool. =)

  6. That's actually true- I can only speak for myself. Busy + unsettled life = no free time for anything. Once they calm down some, I should be able to get back into things. Also, being as competitive as you are, our competition should get you working on your dudes!

  7. That it should, buddy, that it should. Watch out, I am a demon when it comes to a competition. LOL