Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arcane Legions

A while back, at Prezcon, I tried out a game called Arcane Legions.  It is a miniatures game that takes place in an alternate type universe.  There are three basic factions: The Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians.  While I won't take time to go into the mechanics of the game just yet (I have only played it once and that was back in February) I have started to put the miniatures together.  They are very cool looking.  I especially love the Romans riding the bears into battle.  Once I get the millions (seriously a ton) on figures done and have played a few games, then I will post up a better report.  To give you an idea, here is the link to their website http://arcanelegions.com/ .  Some minis come pre-painted, but the majority come unpainted.


  1. You don't need tons! We could seriously play with what you have.

    I'd definitely be interested in playing this more, once we have some time to get some miniatures assembled (by the end of the month, I hope). Not only could I avenge my loss, but I really enjoyed the last game, and it's simple and quick enough that each individual game isn't a huge time/brain-power investment.

  2. Wow, that looks like a pretty cool game. I love how the smaller game companies give you so many models for such a small amount of cash. Three factions with 41 models each just in the starter set!

    What does it play like? I see from the website that there are big unit bases so I figure it's more like warhammer with units rather than a skirmish game.

  3. Asmo- Yup would love to play it again. As for avenging your loss.... hmmmmm

    Pete- It was pretty cool. The neat thing is that you can change units, I believe, by buying powers with a computer program they give you. That way it keeps it all fair and square. I will check into this when I post my update.

  4. A free computer program, I believe. That was an interesting idea- they give you the ability to modify the way each unit works through an army builder.

    I look forward to seeing Rob's experience with it, to be honest. I'm pretty excited to play it again.

    Pete - it plays like Warhammer Fantasty, just a lot quicker and simpler.

  5. I have a starter as well, so I'd play.