Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rogzor and Mucustos Save The Day

Played in a Monpoc Tournament last night.  It was a double monster tourney.  The first match was against Mucustos and Krakenoctus.  I was running Rogzor and Mucustos.  After a perfect set up to deal 3 damage to each form, I rolled my dice and got exactly one hit.  ONE.  I felt like my buddy Steve when he gets cheated out of a sure thing.  If that wasn't bad enough, It happened two more times in a row.  I received three points of damage for all my troubles and the match was a draw.
      The second match was against Mantacon and Grindix-Birvikaan.  I couldn't get a shot off because Mantacon gives cloak to all other units.  My opponent forgot, however, that Muscustos is a radiation based monster and Mucustos walked right up onto a radioactive tile and threw his insectoid ass into a building.  Killing his alpha form.  I repeated the disgrace by blasting Grindix and beat backing him into a nuclear plant.  After that it was pretty much over.
     The prize was a mega Gakura.  Power to the apes!!!!

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  1. Just more proof that you're getting fantastic at this game!