Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wed. 2/23. 7:55

Settled in at the con. Our first game up is Conflict of Heroes:Price of Honour. I am taking the side of the Polish. Steve is the Wehrmacht. This is a newish game for me. I played this once last year and I had a good time learning the system. This is the newest expansion. The scenario starts with the Germans entrenched and the Poles arriving on the edge of the board. I began by assaulting the German main line and trying to wear him down, meanwhile advancing to one of the two far objective points. The game lasted 5 turns. At the end, the one with the most victory points was the winner.
It looked good for me at the beginning. I did some decent damage and was moving into the board. In the middle, the tide turned and I was flat-footed with most of my troops. When Steve brought his big armored car on, I thought for sure it was over. But in the end, I won. It was very close. See Steve's blog for a more complete description. He is better at the play by play than I am. But it was a really fun game.
Next we played Dust Tactics. Steve was the Americans and I played the Germans. I will do a full review of DT in the near future when I get a few more plays under my belt. Steve totally demolished me in the third scenario. I was totally unprepared for the ass whooping I received. Tomorrow promises to be more adventurous with some brand new games like Earth Reborn and possibly Fortress America.
Pictures of the games will be posted tomorrow sometime.

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