Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Ready For Prezcon

Well, the packing is almost done. Prezcon is finally here and I am looking forward to getting to the con. I think I have everything. Let me see....
Got my games. Check.
Got my clothes. Check.
Computer. Check.
Deodorant. Check. (It seems gamers have an aversion to deodorant.)
Kilt. Check. ;) Just in case I meet a sexy gamer!
Seriously, the games I will be bringing are:
Dust Tactics, Triumph of Chaos, Earth Reborn, Command and Colors Ancients, Asia Engulfed, Warhammer Invasion, Imperium (old version), Space Hulk, Twilight Struggle, Space Alert, Battles of Westeros, Manoeuvre, Fortress America, Incursion, Tanhauser, and The Republic of Rome. Whew, it is quite a list. Steve is bringing the other half of the games with just as many titles. We will have our work cut out for us. We won't get to play everything, but we will make a dent in what we bring. The goal is, as my buddy so eloquently put it, is "To play these babies!" So I will keep the blog updated as to our progress and the count. I've been told I will lose a lot of games. That is not how I see it! Here's to the week!

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