Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons Terrain

I have always loved dioramas.  In the Smithsonian, I could stare for hours at all the little vignettes that showed life in the past.  When I began planning for a D and D campaign, I knew I wanted to have 3D terrain.  There are many companies that sell them, but they are all so expensive, so I decided to use paper based terrain and I discovered a new hobby.
I love making the battle scenes we will fight over.  Thinking of how to use the land to favor the monster's tactical decisions.  I find that I am pretty good at making it, too.  That's a bonus!  So the progress bar, (thanks Steve) is for keeping track of the terrain for the latest dungeon crawl I am preparing for our D and D gaming group.


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  1. Don't thank me, Matthew Harvey made it :).

    10%? Do you have a method for determining progress, or is it just arbitrary?