Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Quick New Year's Update

Hi All,
I am sitting here helping out a buddy, and I have decided, once again, to try to make something out of this blog.  It's not like I don't have a lot to say, as my friends will all attest, it's just that I don't know that what I have to contribute is all that interesting or accurate.  That being as it may, I will just press on and let my shit be my shit and not fret too much about what all 12 of you think about what I might have to say.  (12 being the sum total of my readership as of January 8)  As my friend Steve has told me over and over, if I want people to read this then I need to post more often.
The funny thing about this blog is that it started over a year ago as kind of a competition between Steve and I.  We were working out at the gym and just joking around about it and then it just kind of happened.  What I thought was just a gag kind of thing, really turned in to something I wanted to care about.  I got real excited, but my limited knowledge of what I was playing and my total lack of experience with this medium made for a rocky start.  I pride myself on trying to be youthful.  That's why I teach.  I love having a child's outlook on life.  Miniature games and wargames bring me back to that time in my life when everything was possible and toys could bring such joy.  It is my happy place, you could say.  I guess what I am saying is that the joke of me always losing, while true, really constricted my ability to write and enjoy this blog.  What I really want to do is convey the excitement and just plain old joy of playing with toys. To that end, I think I will be changing my blog title.  I will think on it a bit, and post some ideas.  If any of you have any ideas about the title, please let me know.  I don't have any New Year's resolutions, but I do have a new resolve.  I just want to get out there and play!!!
To the multitude of you out there reading this...., er to the hundreds of you tuning in...., er to handful of you who clicked on Steve's link to my page by mistake- I hope you will like what is coming.  To my friends who read this blog and play games with me - You all are the best friends a guy could ask for!  Here is to a great new year!


  1. The thing I've always decided about blogging, what's helped me the most, that is, is that it doesn't matter how accurate or interesting you are. If you write it, someone will eventually read it.

    If you're inaccurate, you'll be corrected. So much the better, that means you can learn! When I did my Dark Elf articles, it wasn't to make everyone else's life easier, it was also to see if anyone had any ideas that I hadn't thought of.

    Interesting is really a matter of opinion, but you'll find that everyone finds different things interesting. I post book reviews. That's almost completely un-interesting. With that said, people still come to my blog by a search of them. Crazy!

    Changing the blog's title, as well as it's intention probably will help you want to post here. I mean, posting about losing can get old, I imainge ;). Look forward to seeing this thing take off!

  2. Asmo- Yeah, posting about losing does get a little old. It makes the winning so much sweeter, but it just doesn't scream out "Post Me,
    B**ch." I think I will have a much better time with the refresh. Kind of like a series on tv. :)