Friday, January 14, 2011

Renaming the Blog

Well, I have been giving some thought as to what name I should choose for the blog.  I have a couple ideas that I will put below.  Tell me what you think.  Maybe some of you have some ideas, feel free to comment.


 Wooden Steel
Pointless Subdivision
Discarded Dice
Cheerful Winter
Obscure Magiks
Metal Toys of Joy

I might try out some others later.  I am interested in what you all think.



  1. Oh man, I have some suggestions, but I'm not sure they would be appropriate for here.

    A few others, perhaps... hmm..

    Girlie Man's Dolls and Such?
    Rob's Raving Ramblings Regarding Regiments?
    10 ways to lose with Khador?
    Tactics, Strategy, and all things that I consider the same?

    Of the ones listed, Obscure Magiks or Pointless Subdivision seem the best. I don't like Wooden Steel, although Metal Toys of Joy isn't a terrible one either.

  2. Put me down for Pointless Subdivision. Conform or be cast out!

  3. Also, I think Obscure Magiks sounds like some new age hippie crystal stuff. Blech. :)

  4. Asmo- Nice suggestions. Here are a few more I thought of...
    Kicking That Boy's Ass Again
    Why Experience Is Better Than Youthful Arrogance
    Oww, My Foot Hurts, Why Did You Step On It?
    Beating Mitch's B**ches

    How bout them apples? I kinda like where these are going. ;)

    Jerry- Thanks for the Rush nod. That was way clever! How about... We Are the Priests, of the Temples of Cygnar!
    I kinda like Obscure Magiks, but I totally see your point!

  5. I think it's the "k" in magiks that makes me thing of dirty hippies. :)

    And thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a totally random Rush reference. It's been a while!

  6. What's this 'Rush' thing you guys are talking about?

    And please, I'll show you some foot pains!