Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Red Star

     I am so stoked- even if just a little. For Christmas, I got an ipad from my folks.  I love that thing.  :)  But I just discovered some apps that feature the first three episodes of one of my favorite comics ever.  It was a little known series called The Red Star.
     The series takes place in an alternate universe, very similar to ours.  There were only 21 total issues set in this universe, I believe.   The series is set in a post WW2 mythical Soviet Russia.  The country is known as The United Republics of the Red Star.  As the series opens, they are at war with the country of Al'lstaan - a country similar to Afghanistan.  What makes the series unique and worth looking up is the incredible artwork and storytelling.  This comic exudes atmosphere and mood.  You don't so much read each issue as savor it for the experience.
      The first story follows Maya, a warkaster, who is part of the red fleet.  The fleet is made up of giant skyfurnaces which are huge skyships that unleash holy terror.  Maya is an instrument of that terror.  The first three issues are a remembrance of the the battle where her husband was lost.  The subsequent issues and volumes follow other citizens of the URR and we see a glimpse into the revolution and the downfall of the URR's greatest hero.
In addition to the comics, there was an almost aborted PS2 game, finally released- to pretty good reviews- and a D20 role playing game based on the D20 Modern rules set.  If you like Warmachine or Hordes- you might like this comic series.  Check it out!
The Red Star Home Page
1st Graphic novel (issues 1 - 4) on Amazon
Some of the Great Artwork!!!!

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