Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 2 - First three games

We just finshed our first round of gaming. We started with Combat Commander. I was the Russians and Steve was the Germans. it was a very close battle. Steve won with 2 victory points. We are going to play some of the Stalingrad campaigns this weekend, so this was a relearning of the game. I am really excited to revisit this game because it has some really cool elements that I am finally getting the hang of. It pissed us both off at different times, but we had fun.
Next up was an Ameritrash game from Zman games called Earth Reborn. It has tons of bits and some cool mechanics. We played the first scenario twice switching sides. Steve was not as enamored with the game as I was. He felt parts were a bit gimmicky, especially the activation chits. I really liked it. We both won as the Salemites. That may be due to the fact we didn't know what we were doing, or it may be the scenario is not balanced, but I hardly think it fair to judge based on only two plays.
We have stopped for lunch. It is 4:52 and people are beginning to roll in. Looking forward to some more games after a delicious salad. Yeah, even gamers need to watch what they sludge up their arteries with.

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  1. Man, what happened to the live blogging? I've been looking forward to constant updates throughout the day and have been extremely disappointed! Get out that iPad and start liveblogging!

  2. Rob had stopped live blogging, the loses were causing him too much pain ;).